Business Professional, Mom, Homemaker, lifelong sufferer of Charcot Marie Tooth. 

It’s not an understatement to say, CMT has affected the way I live. Whether it’s gripping things, buttoning a shirt, putting on earrings, tripping or having my ankle give out for no apparent reason, not realizing I broke my toe because I don’t feel pain or have delayed sensation, dreading the stairs. These are just a few of the dozens of challenges people who suffer from CMT experience each and every day…the things so many people take for granted.

It would be such a great feeling to be able to walk into a shoe store and not have to worry about the limited choice of shoes I can walk in. To make matters worse, none of this gets better with time.

For the past few years, I have embarked upon a regular workout schedule that has dramatically improved my flexibility, strength and my walking. I still get tired and I still dread the stairs but overall, working out has improved my life. Additionally, I have also devoted a considerable amount of time researching products that help me to “live” life like the rest of the world. I may not be able to wear heels but I have found different pairs of nice shoes that I can wear all day at work and even some I feel comfortable going out in. I have also found different items for around the house to make up for any daily challenges. 

I’m committed to passing that information along to other sufferers of CMT — health, diet, clinical, assistive aids. I hope you will share your experience and feedback on my blog. Together, we will help others to live life like the rest of the world.